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Hunting clothing has and always will be an individuals personal dilemma (or not!)
The halcyon days of hunting in NZ didn't rely on nor did it necessitate the use of "camouflage" garments or items.
Those were the days of shorts and dress shirts, jeans and bush shirts, topped off with an oilskin parka or trusty old "heavy when wet" green wool swandri and accessorising meant a set of tricouni added to the hobnails or a head covering of various types. 
Nowadays looking good (or fashionable) in photographs or sitting around camp in your "label" gears is just as important as the securing of meat or trophies.

Camotahi offers no frills simple fabrics and practical garment design to handle the rigors of everyday outdoor life.

Our MAKUKU ANORAK introduces 4 of our NZ based camouflage patterns - "Gheko Terrain", "Gheko Moss", "Gheko Forest" and "Canopy Nightshade".

"Camotahi" - New Zealands #1 Camo


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