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How two small inquisitive Netticks came to be traveling along life's lonely highways and bi-ways, together inseparably, is anyone's guess and a guess, I assure you, it most certainly would be.

The story of Lark & Spur has it's beginnings in the lengthening evenings of an unusually cool January, many many years ago.


From the town of Sagnaw, in the south of northern Nawnam to Roarpye on the eastern boundary of Otakiaw we shall follow their ubiquitous journeys as they retrace lineages hoping to gain a clearer understanding for their existence in this sometimes inhospitable land.

Along the way they will confront ghosts, goblins and ghouls, make friends and allies as well as intimidating enemies, and resurrect old demons from their limited past. What the future has in store for these two innocent Senilef from totally different upbringings is anybodies guess however they will remain loyal through all trials and tribulations.


The storyline is based loosely on real events as seen through the eyes of the animals with a twisted "good versus evil" plot throughout.

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